New in Digital: App Tracking Transparency!

New in Digital: App Tracking Transparency!

Charles Beaulieu
Published Mar 15, 2021
Charles Beaulieu
Published Mar 15, 2021

Apple is very clearly trying to position itself as the leader in consumer privacy. Amongst multiple new security and privacy measures released in the past few years, Apple has most recently deployed a protocol that aims to limit and aggregate an app's ability to target, measure, and optimize ad delivery on their ad platform. They call this protocol "App Tracking Transparency" or ATT for short.

3 Key Changes

  1. Transparency: Apps must now explicitly let know how their developers are going to use their users' private data;
  2. Consent: Users must now consent to an app's use and collection of their private user data for targetting and marketing measurement purposes;
  3. Security: The SKAdNetwork API will deploy a protocol (independent from ATT) to ensure that when a user refuses to give their consent to the use of their data, that it is followed through by the app.

Simplified Flow

Advertising Impact

As shown above, ATT will have an impact on the availability of data. This impact is translated to either restriction, aggregation, or timeliness problems concerning that data. The number of events returning information will be limited for example.

Measurement and KPIs

  • The number of data-sharing events will be limited which is a sizeable change. Facebook, for example, will have to limit to 8 the number of conversions available to a single domain;
  • Algorithmique modelization will help give us a reliable perspective of conversions. Nonetheless, we will probably see a drop in iOS performance.


  • Small audience sizes;
  • Small custom audience sizes (e.g. email lists).


  • Reduced quantity of information available in real-time. This will have an impact on DSPs' machine learning capabilities;
  • Reduced optimization granularity for certain KPIs (due to limited pixels).

The biggest impact will be concerning Facebook since very specific actions must be taken. Antoine and Marco will let you know when it will be time to take those actions. This should now affect the accounts except for Desjardins. And in that case, the changes are already taking place.

And that's what's New in Digital!

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